Beyond the Resume

A great resume and cover letter are only the start. The interview can make or break your chances of landing that ideal job.  Practice is key to becoming a polished and skillful interviewee.

The savvy jobseeker also uses social media and networking as core components of a 21st Century Job Search.  LinkedIn is not just another place to publish your resume, but a powerful information gathering and networking tool.  And, speaking of networking, if buy valium no prescription you hate it, you need to learn how to become a powerful networker through helping others while helping yourself.

Resume Coaching

Interview preparation and coaching

Practice interviews to identify strengths and challenges during the interview process.  Specific emphasis on targeted behavioral interviewing.

Linked In

LinkedIn profile development 

Help you develop a LinkedIn profile and use this valuable social media tool to identify hidden job market opportunities.


Professional network development 

Help you build your network to tap into the hidden job market and coach you to network effectively.

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